A downloadable narrative for Windows

A short narrative about mental health.

The main theme of this game is anxiety. There are NO horror elements, but sensitive people are advised to be cautious.

Please play this game in one sitting. 

(It will take 30 minutes at the most.)


Play with Keyboard or Gamepad!

Mouse  should not be used.

Made for the IGMC 2017 using RPG Maker MV. 

Updated 11/3/18 in response to feedback.
Made withRPG Maker
Tagsartgame, igmc, Mental Health, RPG Maker
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

Unzip the file, then simply run "Lost Boy.exe" 

If you'd like to exit out of fullscreen mode, press F4. 


Lost Boy.zip 137 MB


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I just find this game and I love it, I have never felt a panic attack but I think that this represents that, also the insecurities that a person can have and that and the end the importance if to ask for help.


Hi! I got this error before I was able to save my game.

Can you please port it on RPG Maker VX Ace? I can't make your game work under Windows 7 (as an guest OS for a Debian host)

Thanks for your interest! <3

Unfortunately, due to their different programming languages, there's no easy way to port between MV and VX ACE (asides from re-making everything.)

But if you're really curious, Tea made an awesome let's play video of the original IGMC version! :)

Thanks for the video!

But I read that now RPG Maker MV supports creation of Linux builds. Could you try to make Linux build, please?

The standard MV deployment (for all platforms) leaves you with files that can be easily pulled from the game, and opened in a new project of MV. Although there are methods to encrypt the data, audio and images, they unfortunately aren't compatible with other plugins used in this game. >o<

So instead, I packaged the game into a single executable file to protect them. To be comfortable sharing the Linux build I would need to figure out something similar. I'm afraid that I'm pretty unfamiliar with that, but I'll have a go :D 


Hey! Saw your game was updated, so I thought I'd give it another run. Escape brings up the menu! I tried to be more thorough this time around - finding the bracelet, etc... I saw that escape brought up the menu, and smiled a little.  Also, I noticed this run around that I wasn't the only person with an appreciation for jokes about sinks :)




Thanks so much for giving it another go! <3 The update was just a bunch of really overdue fixes but it feels like things are a bit more complete now. :D

Hi. My name is Mel. I was wondering if I could translate your game into Spanish. If it doesn't bother you, of course.

PD: Great job with this game, I love it.

Hi Mel, thanks for your interest the game! A translation sounds really exciting! :D What would you need for it? I'm not really sure that I'd want to send over the entire game project. Would we be able to sort something out using a localisation plugin?

I'd only need two folders, but I don't know if that would be a bother for you... D: 

I've sent you a message on tumblr since I think it'll be easier to talk over there :)